A Dorking Hen
Mole Valley LETS

The Local Exchange Trading System is basically a barter scheme. But it is more sophisticated, bigger, more efficient and more effective.
The Mole Valley scheme is based on a successful system pioneered in British Columbia adapted to local needs. It is a community enterprise designed to encourage individual talent and to help the local economy.
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Our units of exchange are called "Dorks" (our LETS began in Dorking, as Dorking LETS). Unlike a one-to-one barter system, LETS allows members to run up credit with one member and spend it with another.

Our main activity is that we have a Saturday trading morning every month to exchange crops, plants, seedlings, jams, spare items etc. Offers, needs, items for sale, and events of interest to our members can also be communicated by email.

Previously LETS members had a Dorks cheque book and a regularly updated directory of the skills available through the scheme. This is now badly out of date, and could perhaps be replaced by a Facebook page. The following are some of the categories which were included in the Directory

Domestic & Family - Transport - Business & Office Services - Goods Offered & Wanted
Creative Arts & Crafts - Gardening & Horticulture - Clothing & Textiles
Catering & Food - Therapies - Performances & Arts
Space & Accommodation - Building Services - Tuition - Health

The scheme covers the Dorking, Epsom, Leatherhead, and surrounding areas of Surrey, UK
To join, or for more information, email info@lets-mole-valley.org.uk